Mars Jump

Can you get to mars?


    Can you get to mars? After some harsh talk with your girlfriend, she kicks you up to the sky. Now you have to jump up to mars.

    Perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up jet packs,
    avoiding aliens and many more interesting easter eggs along the way.

    New skins, features and perks coming soon!

    You've got some cool ideas for skins, features or perks? Post a comment with your idea.
    Your idea may be included in the next update including your name in the credits!
    Will you ever reach mars? If so, who would you up there? Aliens?

    Have fun competing with other players all around the world!
    Top 3 best scores are always up to date from all around the world!

    Now start jumping and try to reach mars before Elon Musk.


Mars Jump v1.7

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